Crystal Lenses Headlamp Restoration
Solution is a quick and easy way to save
hundreds of dollars. Most Jeep
® Grand
® owners don't know that the
yellow film buildup you see on your lights is
easily moisturized and buffed off with
Crystal Lenses.

New OEM Jeep headlamps cost over $100.00 a
piece. Of course you could go online and buy
cheaper aftermarket variants and watch those
turn yellow in less than a year. Or you can do
the smart thing by restoring your stock Jeep
Grand Cherokee
® Headlamps today for a
fraction of the price.
Retain as much value as you can by keeping your Jeep® looking sharp! A new looking vehicle will command more
money when it's time to sell it then a  similar vehicle with cloudy yellow lights. Much like a cars paint treated with
wax, treating the plastic headlight housing of your
Grand Cherokee® right from the start will extend the life of your
headlamps almost indefinitely. The soft abrasive nature of Crystal Lenses scrubs away the built up layers of
pollution and yellowed lamp right down to the crystal clear plastic below. The moisturizers penetrate the plastic
and form a sacrificial barrier that prevents the process from accelerating as rapidly as before. Keep it looking
newer - longer.
Driving at night with dull lights is dangerous. If
you can't see the lines or signs, an accident is
eventually going to happen. You can reduce the
chances of this awful scenario by restoring your
headlights with Crystal Lenses headlamp
solution for Jeep
® Grand Cherokees®.
Remember how excited you were when you first
bought your Jeep
®? You could hardly wait to
take it for a spin and show it off. Full of pride with
plenty of power and endless possibilities. You
probably turned your head three times to look at
it when you walked into work each day.

Now those sad looking yellow foggy headlights
almost break your heart each time you see them.

Get back that original feeling by making your
Jeep look new again! A clean looking vehicle is a
happy vehicle with a happy and proud owner.
Save Money
Retain Value
Improve Safety
Crystal Lenses headlight restoration solution
Crystal Lenses Headlamp Solution
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