"Why does my Jeep® heater only blow cold? Why is there heat on only one side in my Grand Cherokee®? How do
I fix my heater?" If your Jeep® Grand Cherokee® heater only blows cold on one side all of a sudden, or seemed to
just quit producing heat one day - you most likely suffer from blend door failure.

Blend doors are small airway control doors that move into positions to blend hot and cold air to your liking based
on where you have the temperature setting knobs positioned. These little plastic flap doors hide behind your glove
box in your A/C system's housing, and move up and down to pass heat or cold air as you command.

The material has caused them to be weak and brittle allowing them to fall apart leaving you with icy cold air as the
only option. That's fantastic if you live in Florida or Arizona in the summertime but for the rest of us we are going to
need our heater.

Take a few moments to watch the videos and dig through the photos to make sure you fully understand why your
Jeep® has no heat, and how to fix this common problem all by yourself, right in your own driveway using only a few
simple tools. Complete the final Check List
If you are still not sure the Jeep® Heater blend doors will solve your problem - Read on. We have outlined a way
to see if your heater blend doors have failed.

If you have no heat on the drivers side - this test will work for you.

If you only have no heat on the passenger side only, please use the electronic method outlined above.

Please follow the steps below. This method involves a little disassembly but is a great way to ensure our Jeep
Heater aluminum blend doors are the right  solution for you.
Easy and FREE Self diagnosis for you Jeep® Heater
The code numbers will be displayed on the screen one at a time.

22 or 54 – Left temperature door is broken or 47 - motor not responding.

24 or
56 – Right temperature door is broken or 48 - motor not responding.

54-56 are the most common and our Blend Door replacements are exactly what you need to get your Jeep®
toasty warm again.

For more failure codes click here
Try this free vehicle diagnosis on you
Jeep® Grand Cherokee® and see if we
can help. If you see the codes 54 and
56, you are in the right place! Our
JGCParts Heater aluminum door
solution will restore your Jeeps® heat

Once all codes have been displayed,
the system will repeat the fault code
numbers. This will continue until the
ignition is turned off. Record all of the
fault codes.
Our JGCParts Heater blend door kits will fix your heater or we'll buy it back.
This is primarily an issue with all Dual Zone climate control systems in the 1999 -
2004 Jeep® Grand Cherokee®.

These plastic doors (blend doors) are what determines how much heat and cool air
you receive when you turn the temperature knob on the dash. If you turn the knob
for hot air, they move up. If you turn the knob for cool air, they move down.

These little doors are made of a cheap plastic that falls apart after a while allowing
them to fall down in the cold air position. This causes the loss of temperature control
- mainly the loss of heat.
The OEM factory made blend doors are cheap and prone to cracking. The little drive motors used to move them up and
down are very strong and can put too much pressure on them causing them to crack, break and eventually fail. Once
broken - your heater stops working.
Unfortunately it will cost up to $1500.00 and 3 days of no Jeep®.

So why does it take so long, and more importantly - wheres that $1500.00 of your money going?

Labor Charges! The dealerships and auto repair centers do things "by the books" and they have plenty of reason to.
Lots and lots of labor when done their way.

The dealerships rules require them to drop the steering column, remove the center console, evacuate the AC system,
pull off the entire dash, drain out the vehicles coolant, disconnect the heater core and disassemble all of the heater box.
That's a ton of work and flag hours. That adds up to big bucks for them. That's good for the ASE certified mechanics
who are getting paid for all that work, but a huge pocket drain for the Jeep® owner who has to dish out all that cash.
Do you have the problem?

The usual symptoms are that one side of the cabin will loose heat, followed by the other side at some point.  

Air Conditioning is working on cold but not hot no matter the control knobs setting.

Limited / Overland :  Grand Cherokee® Dual Zone Control

These have automatic zone control and the driver and passenger sides have individual controls.

You can electronically read the
fail codes on the system by following this procedure:
Lower the glove box

Remove the drive motor

Cut a small hole in the plastic HVAC box

Remove the broken blend doors

Install the new
JGCParts Heater blend door kit – they just slide in

Replace the piece of plastic you cutout

Replace the drive motor

Close the glove box – Your Done!

It's really that easy! The hardest thing to do is make the first cut.  

This job will take between 30 - 45 minutes for most people.
Choose an option below for more detailed instructions with photos
JGCParts Heater Dual Zone blend doors for all 1999 - 2004 Jeep® Grand Cherokee®.
The easiest, cheapest way to fix and restore heat to your Jeep.
Jeep® Heater Dual Zone blend doors for all
1999 - 2004 Grand Cherokee®. The sure way to
fix and restore heat to your Jeep®.
Make the smart choice.
Do you have the problem?

The usual symptoms are that one side of the cabin will loose heat, followed by the other side at some point.  Air
Conditioning is working on cold but not hot no matter the control knobs setting.

Laredo : Grand Cherokee® Single Zone control MTC

Our single zone control can be used on ALL 1999 - 2004 Grand Cherokee® vehicles! On models with dual zone
control, the dual control feature will be lost.

To diagnose your Laredo MTC A/C System:

There is no electronic diagnosis available for your Jeep

Physically check the operation of the blend doors by removing the glove box.

Remove the blend door motor which is located to the side of the opening.  

The motor is held in place with two Phillips screws.

Disconnect the wire harness and remove the motor.
You will see the plastic axle that is connected to the
blend door. There should be a limit pin on the white
plastic axle.

The failure occurs because this pin breaks, putting the
force of the motor directly to the shaft of the blend
doors. The cheap plastic shafts can not stand the force
of the strong drive motor and eventually crack resulting
in blend door failure. That equals a blocked heater
core and loss of heat.

Start the Jeep® and turn on the AC.  
Manually switch between heat and AC by turning the axle left and right with your fingers. If there is no change
between cold and hot while turning the white connector, your blend doors are broken and the JGCParts Heater
repair kit is your solution.

Option A:  $1500.00 and 3 days later, with factory
made to fail parts, and that creepy mechanic guy over
there will have it ready for you.

Option B:   $150 and about 45 minutes of your time,
using solid aluminum
JGCParts Heater blend doors
and you're good to go.
I'm on a budget and I'm freezing. How easy is it to install?
Fortunately the manufacturer has a solution!
"Rules" are meant to be broken sometimes, and this is one of them. You don't need to pull out half the front end of
your Jeep
® to do this fix. You only need a small hole about 4 inches by 6 inches to do the work, and it is all done
through the glove box area. Here's the short version of how the repair is completed using
JGCParts Heater aluminum blend doors by JGCParts:
Dual Zone System repair kit
Single Zone System repair kit
The JGCParts Heater single zone repair kit includes a solid
aluminum axle design which can be used for both single zone
Laredo and dual zone Limited style Grand Cherokee®. Both
blend doors move together at all times.

Plastic housing not included. Your Jeep® already has one.
The JGCParts Heater dual zone repair kit includes a two
piece aluminum axle design which can be used only for dual
zone Limited style Grand Cherokee®. Both blend doors
move independantly from one another at all times.

Plastic housing not included. Your Jeep® already has one.
Heater repair kit by JGCParts
I just finished installing the new heater doors in my 2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee Ltd. I do a lot of work on my cars and
must tell you this is the best experience I've ever had with an after-market kit. The instructions and video are terriffic!
Thank you very much for saving me $1250!
                                                                                                             - Neal Ament
Just wanted to let you know that your instructions for installation are superb.  I lost heat in my jeep and the dealer said
with labor and parts it  would cost well over $700. (said the job would take at least 8 hours) I found your website - my son
had everything done in less than an hour with your easy instructions!  Thank you for saving us so much money....you
will be referred to all of my jeep owner friends and family!

                                                                                                               - Deb - Canandaigua, NY
JGCParts staff,

I just replaced the damper doors in my 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited this past weekend and voila this morning I
had heat on the way into work.  About a month ago I realized I had no heat and began to research the problem and was
astonished to see the fix would probably cost close to $1,000 or more.  Luckily I came across your site and was
impressed with the metal replacement parts and the unique way of accessing the area that needed fixed.  

I ordered the parts last Monday, they arrived Wednesday, and I tackled the problem Saturday and in just over an hour I
had my heat fixed.  Thanks for the great customer service, products, and well detailed directions.

John Pletcher
Great Product!!! Took me about 2hours  and now I got HEAT!!!!! Hardest part was cutting it out. All I can say is

Warren Stiehler
Dear JGC,

I installed the dual blend doors on my wife's 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee last night.  Easy install and they work great.  I
used a Dremel tool with a drill bit cutter which cut very well.  My auto repair shop quoted the typical dealer replacement
with dashboard removal of approximately $1,500.  Thanks for providing a great product and getting the Jeep warm
again for my wife.

Modesto, CA
Hi JGCParts,

I just wanna thank you for the blend doors. I installed them and heater works like a champ. Your service and product is
great. I am gonna suggest you to all who has a jeep with a heater problem and i will give you a positive feedback always,
thanks again

Mike Iscan
Thank you from Minnesota where the low tonight will be 0 F

I would like to thank you for your product you have made for the Jeep Grand Cherokee. We are new owners of a 1999
Grand Cherokee that had no heat on the passenger side the man we bought it from mentioned it was a $150 fix. He did
not tell us where, but your product was the first we found and heat now works great!  

Thanks, Adam Schmidt & Jennifer Godden  
The JGCParts Heater Solution:
Our kit replaces the cheap, brittle plastic doors and axle with high quality Aluminum components. Repair work is done
through the glove box opening and no disassembly of the dash or evacuation of the AC system is required. Tools
needed are a phillips screw driver, pliers, and a rotary Dremel® tool or similar. The repair will take about half an hour to
forty five minutes. No extensive mechanical skills are required. This
JGCParts Heater kit retains dual temperature
control and does not force you to sacrifice this expensive luxurious feature.
CenterTEC2 sV.2
Budget Boost Lift Kit
Single Zone Heater Repair Kit
How to visually inspect your Jeep® Heater blend
doors for failure:

1) Open and remove glove box

2) Locate the drive motor for the heater blend doors.

3) Remove phillips screws securing the drive motor.

4) Remove the drive motor from it's mount. Inspect the
white input shaft at it's base.

Usually a good indication the doors have failed is the
complete lack of a stop limit pin anywhere on the round
base of the white input shaft.
5) Twist the white input shaft counter clockwise (towards
the driver side) and wait for resistance. If the door is
intact, it should stop any amount of force you could
apply by hand. If the shaft spins freely or catches and
then pops free as you turn, the plastic blend control
doors are broken and the JGCParts Heater aluminum blend
doors are your answer.
Dual Zone Heater Repair Kit
Single Zone Heater Repair Kit
Dual Zone Heater Repair Kit
Single Zone Heater Repair Kit
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6pc Prylon Combo Kit (4-Orange/2-Steel)
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