Rear Installation: Jeep® Grand Cherokee® WJ 1999-2004

Read the instructions before beginning installation. The following tools are recommended:

Coil spring compressor, floor jack, jack stands, and metric wrenches/sockets
1999 - 2004 Jeep® Grand Cherokee®
Rear coil spring spacer installation instructions
- Place blocks in front of the FRONT tires to prevent the Jeep from rolling.

- With the Jeep
® on the ground, crawl under the back end and unbolt the sway bar
from the end links, and disconnect lower shock mount bolts ( second photo down, red
highlights)  from both left and right sides.

These components may need to be lubricated with penetrating oil before work begans.
They get wet and dirty very often, and may have gathered dirt and rust.

-With the shocks and sway bar disconnected, jack up one side of the Jeep
® Grand
® so the rear suspension droops.

- Remove the spring.

- Install the new coil spring spacer into the upper spring guide.

- The rounded side faces up, the cupped side faces down.

- You can use the weight of the Jeep to help fully seat the spacer. Carefully align the
spring under the spacer, and slowly lower the vehicle down.

Once fitted properly, lower the Jeep
® to the ground, and complete the same process
on the opposite side.

Completely lower the Jeep
® to the gound.

Crawl under the back end, and reconnect the lower shocks mount bolts and reconnect
the sway bar end links.
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