1. Open the glove box and remove the two rubber stop tabs on the top lip above the open door.
They look like a sideways "D" and can be pulled straight down to remove them. If your glove
box has a dampener on the side, release the clip from the glove bx to lower it down all the way.

Work the glove box free from it's lower hinges.

2. Remove the two screws from the drive motor and remove.

3. Unscrew the single phillips screw aiming down on the front of the black housing (may be a
small metal clip. If so, pry off and save for later.) Disconnect and tuck any harnesses up and out
of the way of the cutting area.

Click here to print closeup photo of the cut out area.

4. Cut out the outside wall to access the first blend door. Keep This Plastic for re installation!

5. Cut out the inside wall to access the second blend door. Discard inside wall.

6. Remove broken blend doors and discard.

7) Remove white drive shaft from the A/C box and discard.

8) Install J
GCParts Heater aluminum Blend Doors.

9) Re install drive motor and test functionality.

Once functionality is verified, remove drive motor, Install the cutout plastic housing back into
place and seal with provided foam tape. Install drive motor and screws. Close glove box and
reinstall rubber stop tabs.
1999 - 2004 Jeep® Grand Cherokee® Blend Door Repair
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