JGCParts Heater Repair Kit

Dual Zone vs.  Single Zone
We receive a lot of emails asking about which one to choose, and what the differences are between our Heater repair
kits for Jeep®
Grand Cherokee® repair kits. We hope this helps! Start by looking at your AC control panel.

- Dual Zone

If your HVAC controls look like this, you have a dual zone climate control system. Jeep called this the AZC climate
control system. The benefit of this type of setup is that both the driver and passenger can keep their portion of the  
cabin at different temperatures levels.

You have two little doors inside the HVAC box that regulate temperatures. One is for the drivers side, the other is for
the passenger side. Each door has it's own drive motor, and each motor is controlled by one of the two temperature
knobs on your A/C panel.

For those with this setup, you can use either one of our kits! If you use our Dual Zone Jeep® Heater Repair Kit,
you will retain dual zone control, just like the factory system. Both knobs will still work.

If you choose our Single Zone Jeep
® Heater Repair Kit, you will lose dual zone control.  Once our Single Zone kit is
installed, the drivers side knob will adjust full cabin temperature. The passenger side knob will no longer control
anything. This repair is dollar for dollar, the overall best value.

Some reasons why a Single Zone Jeep
® Heater maybe used in place of a Dual Zone Jeep® Heater:

- Total Cost (It's cheaper to buy the Single Zone Kit over the Dual Zone)
- Rear drive actuator is damaged or non functioning
- Rear drive connector is broken or damaged

- Single Zone

If your HVAC controls look like this, then you have a single zone climate control system. Jeep® called this the MTC
temperature control system. Most Grand Cherokee
® Laredo models had this as the only OEM option. One
temperature knob means one cabin temperature. You can only use our Single Zone J
GCParts Heater kit for this

- If you have a single zone system, you
can not use the dual zone kit.
Our single zone JGCParts Heater repair kit can be installed in
a dual zone setup using the front facing drive motor to move
both blend doors up and down together.

The rear drive motors pin is used as a pivot point for the solid
JGCParts Heater repair kit. In the picture to the left you
can see how both doors are now always in alignment with one
another and no longer operate independently.
Dual Zone Heater Repair Kit
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Single Zone Heater Repair Kit
Dual Zone Heater Repair Kit
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