We receive a lot of email asking how to fix or upgrade their stock system and the answer is simple. JGCParts.com and
the CenterTEC sV.2 OEM style full range plug and play speakers will get the job done.


Make: Jeep®  
Years applicable: 1999 / 2000 / 2001 / 2002 / 2003 / 2004  
Models: Grand Cherokee®
Jeep Model Variations: Special Edition / Laredo SA / Laredo / Laredo Sport / Limited / Columbia Edition / Overland /
Freedom Edition / Rocky Mountain

Difficulty Level: 1 of 10

Tools needed:

    - Installer panel removal tool or other similar tool (example wide putty knife or flat head screw driver)

    - Stubby Phillips screw driver (other option is a 7mm or 9/32 wrench or socket and 1/4" ratcheting wrench)

    - Needle nose pliers

    - Replacement CenterTec sV.2 tweeters for your Jeep®

That's it - Job Complete!

Tune your system, add your favorite music and go.
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to be simple and installer friendly.

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- JGCParts.com -
1) Pry up on dash cover near the window and release spring clips retaining the panel. Lift up and
remove cover.
2) Remove the screws holding down the speakers. A short screw driver or a 7mm wrench or
socket can be used to remove the screws. Unplug and discard old speakers
3) Plug in and  Install the new speakers
with factory screws.

Read the TECH TIP below if you are
having fitment issues.
4) Install the upper dash cover.
If Jeep®  Grand  Cherokee® Dash  Tweeters is what you need, JGCParts.com is here to help. Our full
size tweeters come complete with  direct  plug  and  play compatibility and  no  wires  to cut.  Nobody  
does it like JGCParts.
Each person has his or her own "sweet spot" when it comes to music. What's right for one
person sounds like nails on a chalkboard to the next person. Before enjoying your renewed
sound system, complete these simple steps. Your new speakers will have different audio
properties than your old and damaged units and so now your system must be tuned.

1) Adjust your Bass, Midrange, and Treble to the lowest possible settings
2) Center the Balance and Fader
3) Put on a song or radio station that you enjoy
4) Slowly bring the Treble up to your desired level
5) Slowly bring the Bass up to your desired level
** if equipped, adjust midrange now to your desired level
6) If desired, left-right or front-rear imaging adjustments using the balance and fader should
be done now.
7) Volume check now. Lift the volume up and down. Sound Check is now complete. Enjoy!
Tune Your System
CenterTEC sV.2 dash speaker / tweeter
step by step fix and replacement summary
1999 - 2004 Jeep® Grand Cherokee®
CenterTEC2 sV.2
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