Disapearing Upper Weather Strip
The next time you have a few minutes, open your
® rear doors and check the upper most weather
stripping. If it's right where it's supposed to be, good! If
not, it may have migrated forward. If it has, it's not
doing it's job very well, and can result in water leaks
during car washes and rain.
Fortunately this isn't anything more than a weather
seal that creeps forward over time. It's an easy fix,
and only takes a couple of minutes to set it right.
So where did it go?...

...Your front fender ate it.

This picture is of the front door jamb.

The black strip down low is the door
seal, the black strip up above is the
wandering weather strip.

Here it can be seen heading into the
front fender.
Super easy to fix, and most
importantly, it's FREE!

Open the back door, grab the seal and
snap it out of it's groove by lifting up.

Pull it off the track by only a foot or so,
and then began to slide it up and out
of the fender.
Once you have it realigned with where
it should have been, snap it back down
into place.
This is how it should look when you're
done, and your Jeep
® should be much
more weather resistant now with it back
in place.
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