Shrinking Door Weather Seals
If you've noticed water getting inside your Jeep® Grand
®, or the road noise has gotten bad while
driving, take a close look at your weather seals around
all four doors.

What you're looking for is the little rubber strip that goes
around the inside lip of each door. It should completely
surround the entire door, and seat tightly against the
body of the vehicle.

As time goes on, they tend to shrink away from the
body, leaving gaps along the top of the front doors, and
in the upper rear most corners of the back doors.

If your door rubber is pulling away and shrinking, this fix
will seal them up nicely, and most importantly, it's FREE!

Start by looking at the very bottom center of the door.
You will see a separation point of the door seal.
Remove the plastic door sill paneling and pull the seal
out and around all the way to the shrinking point.

Reseat the rubber seal so it closes the upper gaps,
leaving the newly formed gap at the bottom edge of the

Water has a tendency to gravitate downwards -  sealing
the gaps at the top are much more important than
having one at the bottom. Unless you plan on forging
two feet of water, the tiny gap at the bottom is not going
to cause you any problems.

What you're doing is repositioning the gap at the bottom
edge of the door (shown to the right), and reseating it to
cover the gaps at the top.

At some point, you can always purchase new rubber
weather seals for your doors. In the meantime, this
quick fix will keep your Jeep
® Grand Cherokee® quiet
on the inside, and dry during car washes and
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5pc Nylon Panel Tool Set
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