At this stage in the job, things are going pretty good. The plastic has been cut, the old broken blend doors
are out, and you are starting to see hope for having a heater again.

You should be excited, but don't celebrate just yet - there's work to do.
Start with installing the rear heater door.
Align keyed shaft and slide into place.

If the rear pin is not aligned in a way that allows you to install the
door -

Instead - complete the AZC System recalibration process.

This will cause the motor to spin the pin around into position.

Install the second door (closest to you.)

heater motor drive shaft through the opening by aligning
the two pins. The stop limit pin should be aimed away from the
blend doors.
Time to test it all out.

Once both doors and aluminum
drive shaft connector are
installed, you should check
functionality of your system.
Before sealing up the plastic air box with the included
foil tape, check for functionality.

Reinstall drive motor and wire connectors.

Start the Jeep
® and turn both temperature knobs to max
heat position. Both doors should lift into the up position (see
photo to the side)
You have just fixed your
RHD Jeep
® Grand Cherokee® Heater

JGCParts Heater

Dual Zone Jeep® Heater repair kit for all 1999 - 2004
® Grand Cherokee® with dual zone heater controls

Lifetime warranty against defects or failure of our product.

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Open the glove box and remove the two rubber stop tabs
on the top lip above the open door. They look like a
sideways "D" and can be pulled straight down to remove
them. If your glove box has a dampener on the side,
release the clip from the glove box to lower it down all the

Work the glove box free from it's lower hinges.

Once the glove box is removed you will see a wire
harness and a small motor assembly held on by two

Remove the two screws from the drive motor.

Disconnect the wire harness. Set the motor in a safe

Unscrew the single phillip screw aiming down on the front
of the black housing. Some vehicles use a metal clip that
can be pried off with a flat head screw driver. Set these
parts aside for later use.

Disconnect and tuck any harnesses up and out of the
way of the cutting area.
This is a close up photo with a yellow
highlight added for you to clearly see the
cut out line.

A pneumatic air saw was used here to
complete the cut. Any type of cutting tool
that can cut plastic can be used including
hot knifes, Dremel and rotary tools, air
saws and, electric body saws.

Click the photo for a larger close up.

Note the angle of the saw blade in the
photo. Cut with your blade skimming the
back of the section being cut out. You
should imagine trying to aim the blade
towards the drivers side headlamp. This
will keep your cutting blades far away
from your evaporator.

Take caution while cutting. The A/C
evaporation unit is just to the left of the
work area.
At this point the first of two cuts is complete. You should now
see the first blend door. This is the door that operates the
Drivers side temperature settings.

You will now need to cut out the plastic divider between the
two blend doors. This part can be discarded once removed,
as It does not serve any purpose.

Once the center divider is removed, you will see the second
blend door. This is what controls the passenger side
temperature range.

Image showing both doors side by side,  A/C evaporator

Use pliers to help remove the white drive shaft connector.

Remove the white drive connector and discard.
You are now able to reach in and remove both of the faulty blend doors.
Once functionality is verified, remove drive motor.

Install the cutout plastic housing back into place and seal with provided foil tape.

Install drive motor and screws (or clip).

Close glove box and reinstall rubber stop tabs.
RHD JGCParts Heater Blend door repair instructions

Dual Zone Heater repair kit for all 1999 - 2004
® Grand Cherokee® with dual zone heater controls

Lifetime warranty against defects or failure of our product. Save hundreds of
dollars and fix your Jeep heater at the same time.
Once in place, your new JGCParts Heater
blend doors should move up and down when
you adjust the heat controls on your A/C
system. If they do not respond, disconnect
your battery for 30 seconds to reset the

Sometimes the computer will shut down the
motor if it senses a problem with the blend
doors. They will cycle once the battery is
disconnected for 30 seconds.
This video is a reversed image. We apologize for the confusion it may cause.
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